Faq & Straddie

What happens at my first lesson?
You will meet one of our staff at an agreed on location and time. We will then look at what you want to achieve and at what level you are at. We match you with a surf board, wet shirt and venue

For a total beginner:

  • On the beach run through a familiarization drill with your surfboard.
  • Our main objective is to have fun in a safe way.
  • Surfing etiquette
  • Your coach will run through surf awareness and any thing on the beach or in the water of which you would need to be careful
  • You will be shown how to negotiate broken waves
  • Correct paddling technique
  • Catching waves laying down
  • Standing up technique on the beach and then out in the water on a broken wave

For intermediate to advanced surfers:

  • Discuss areas on which the surfer would like to improve.
  • Establish coaching drills to improve these areas
  • Use video analysis

How long does the lesson go?      
Lessons go for approximately 1.5 hours. We usually find that most people tend to peak at about the hour and are quite fatigued by the hour and half.

Will I get up and be surfing on my first lesson?
In most cases yes you will experience the feeling of standing on a board and sliding along a wave, surfing.
It does depend a lot on you and your fitness level. I suggest you have one lesson and you will soon know if you have the bug and can’t wait to come back for more.

What if I want to practice by myself before the next lesson?
Our learn to surf boards are for hire on daily and weekly rates and it’s a great idea and way to practise the skills learnt in the lessons.

Are lessons ever cancelled due to weather?
Yes they can be. If conditions are unsafe then the lesson will not go ahead. All participants are advised to call the night before their class to confirm time and location.

How are the lessons paid for?
Most participants pay cash on the day. Though we accept Pay Pal payments as well as the direct deposit to pay in advance

What should I bring to the lesson?
Swimmers, towel, water bottle, sunscreen and a “have a go” attitude

How do I get to Point Lookout and at what beach are the lessons held?
Point Lookout is located on the eastern side of North Stradbroke Island. Travel to the Island by either vehicle barge or water taxi both of which depart from middle street Cleveland. Both boats dock at Dunwich on the bay side of the island. Buses meet every water taxi and transport to Point Lookout. Cylinder Beach is our usual venue but once again this is established the night before taking conditions into consideration.

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Stradferries 0732862666
Straddie Flyer 0732861964

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