We have been using North Stradbroke Island surf school for over four years now and I can highly recommend them. The staff are exceptional. They have always ensured my students have the best possible time no matter what their skill level or ability. Over the years they have assisted my mobility and vision impaired students to surf as well as encouraged students who can not swim and are afraid of the ocean onto boards. The staff are patient yet encouraging and they all obviously love their jobs and working with people. They get just as much happiness seeing the students riding a wave as the students do themselves. All of my students leave each lesson with huge smiles on their faces having surfed and I always feel confident knowing that no matter the size of the group, or the size of the waves that my students are in safe, caring hands.

Marion Finlay
Associate Director

A Surf lesson excursion to North Stradbroke Island is a dream. I have taken more than a dozen groups of International students to Murray Taylor’s North Stradbroke Island Surf School. Murray runs a highly professional organisation, as a practicing teacher Murray also offers organisational assistance with such things as risk assessment documentation. His surf coaches connect with the students with their friendly and expert advice and there is a high success rate among the beginner surfers. Students have been quoted as saying, “This was the best day of my life” and Everything is so beautiful here”. This experience has become a “must” in my International Student Program schedule.

Jan Laing
Director International  Student Program